I'm a bestselling author, sometime blogger and activist for full self ownership - including irrefutable rights to buy, sell, modify, influence and terminate ourselves.  I think that's only fair in these days of surrogacy, organ donation and euthanasia.

I have a background in psychology, journalism and public relations, and am currently working on my fourth book about dying and ageing.

I am committed to helping humanity embrace gifts beyond those sanctioned by society. Some of our best traits - lusty, mischevious, adventurous - are demonised when they should be rejoiced. I seek to unshackle.

Within this website you will find self discovery, ways to risk manage relationships and how to embrace your inner kooky without feeling like a freak. I certainly don't have all the answers, but I might provide some good questions to ask yourself.

holly hillYou will discover I believe people have as much right to have sex as they have a right not to have sex; as much right to die as they do to live and to sell or be sold. We must, however, do so voluntarily and be of sound mind and legal age.

These days, I also promote negotiated fidelity, which means lifetime sexual exclusivity should be a wonderful gift and not a given. It is part of the notion of having unconditioned love, which recognises our biological aspects - such as sexuality, chemistry, hormones, pathology and gender differences.

I have appeared on Larry King, Dr Phil and 60 Minutes and hardcopies of my books are published by Random House, Skyhorse Publishing New York, HarperCollins and Amazon.com. Soft copies are downloadable here.