I'm a bestselling author, indignant blogger and activist for full self ownership - including irrefutable rights to buy, sell, modify, influence and terminate ourselves.  I have a background in psychology, journalism and public relations, and am currently working on my fourth book (about dying and ageing).

I am particularly committed to helping women embrace female aspects beyond those sanctioned by society. Some of our best traits - lusty, slutty, mischevious, adventurous - are demonised when they should be rejoiced. An unshackled woman is so beautiful and strong she takes my breath away!

Within this website you will find erotica, unique ways to reignite romance, the new sexiquette, how to risk manage your marriage and media interviews including 60 Minutes, Larry King and Dr Phil. Your comments are welcome on my blogs, but they are mediated and spammers are immediately deleted.

holly hillYou will discover I believe people have as much right to have sex as they have a right not to have sex, but that doesn't mean I advocate cheating and/or lifetime sexual exclusivity - in fact, quite the reverse! These days, I promote negotiated fidelity, which essentially means risk managing our ongoing relationships against our hard-wired inclinations (such as promiscuity and the need for variety). It is part of the notion of having unconditioned love, which recognises our biological aspects, such as sexuality, chemistry, hormones, pathology and gender differences.

My real-life triology makes 50 Shades seem like a walk in the park with the sugarplum fairy and they are well-written, true memoirs rather than just fiction. Hard copies are published by Random House, Skyhorse Publishing New York, HarperCollins and available through most good bookstores and Amazon.com.

Out NOW!

'The Velvet Pouch' - by Holly Hill

latest book release

My third (and most confronting) book in the trilogy - a daring and controversial love story about what really happened when I let my boyfriend cheat in an open arrangement.

In the Velvet Pouch, Dino and I draw up a framework for sleeping with other people, including a 'tell all' clause after each and every encounter. Our spare room is used for sex with other 'play' partners, and we eventually stumble upon a secret underground sex world frequented by celebrities, high profilers and business people.

True life erotica like you've never experienced before! More on the Velvet Pouch here...