about the author

Holly Hill is the Australian bestselling author of Sugarbabe and Toyboy (Random House Australia, as well as The Velvet Pouch (Harper Collins). Sugarbabe was later published in New York 2010 by Skyhorse Publishing, generating a media storm, including guest appearances on Larry King, Dr Phil. and 60 Minutes.

Holly was born in Canberra, Australia. She started out as a journalist with a country newspaper and later went to the University of Southern Queensland and graduated with a degree in Human Behaviour.

She moved to Sydney and worked in the mental health industry before stepping sideways into PR for the University of Sydney and banking and energy sectors.

Her father, Geoffrey William Hill, was killed in his Gold Coast home in January 1999 by his estranged wife, Erlinda. Erlinda was found guilty of manslaughter on 29 May 2001 and the judge commented the killing was mostly out of jealousy.

Holly shattered her leg in a skydiving accident not long after her father's slaying and fought much of the case against his killer from her hospital bed. She spent two years on crutches and gained employment with her rehabilitator, going on to help many people suffering physical and mental injuries.

She is currently looking to publish her fourth book - a novel about death and ageing. Further details can be  obtained by emailing