10 Leather and Fetish Clothing Tips

Posted: Thu Mar 21 19:15

1. Ensure new season leather jean purchases have a seam in the knee – otherwise sitting in them will develop a knee-shaped pucker over the years.
2. Try using Armour Oil’s “Leather Wipes” on dirty or aged leather – they’re great for handbags, too.
3. “Break in” new leather jackets or jeans simply by applying some leather conditioner then working them with your hands whilst watching the telly.
4. If needed, cut leather to size and it doesn’t fray, so needn’t be hemmed.
5. Use a water based (alothough some people prefer silicone based) lubricant (yes, the stuff you use during sex!) instead of baby powder to put on latex clothing. Liberally coat your legs, arms and/or hips with lube then slowly draw the rubber over your limbs in the same way as you would a pair of pantyhose.
6. NEVER wear perfume, hair spray or scented oils whilst wearing latex – they can literally dissolve it into a messy goop!
7. Many ‘shine’ their latex after putting it on – there are several specific products on the market or cheap alternatives are lube (yes, again) or a silicone spray that enhances, lubricates and protects (close your eyes and make sure you use adequate ventilation). DO NOT use oil.
8. If wearing skin-tight latex, take a back-up outfit – rubber is highly prone to embarrassing blow-outs.

9. After use, rinse out latex in warm water with a mild soap and apply plenty of silicon spray or latex protectant before storing. Ensure sleeves and legs are filled with the spray, otherwise they might become 'glued' shut.

10. Use a bicycle tyre repair kit to mend holes and tears in latex.

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