10 Reasons Why Sex is Healthy

Posted: Sun May 05 10:41

1. Sex is just as generous as a slice of warm apple pie

2. Other people’s sex lives are not other people’s business

3. Slut is a state of being in the bedroom and not a type of person

4. Why should girls and women be tamed? 

5. We should have as much right to share our bodies as to keep them for ourselves  

6. Sex is so much more enjoyable than exercising

7. Women must reclaim vaginas (sex), wombs (pregnancies / surrogacies) and eggs (IVF) - they are amongst the most coveted things in the world

8. Everyone wants "good lovin" by a "good lover" but you're not supposed to practise too much

9. Lifetime bodily selfishness – sexual or otherwise – is not only ungenerous, it also a slap in the face of diversity and makes a mockery of equal opportunity for people who are infertile, need transplants, same sex couples, etc. 

10. Some of women's best traits are demonized when they should be rejoiced. Each of us has the capacity to at least speculate that the "inner wench" with the playful nature might be one of the best things about women.


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