10 Reasons to Avoid Hissy Fits

Posted: Tue Sep 04 07:52

1. (Most) men don’t have hissy fits.

2. Hissy fits make blokes reluctant to bring up controversial issues (and it’s the controversial ones you most need to talk about).

3. Hissy fits make you look precious, slightly deranged and out of control.

4. Blokes have more chance of recalling points during a ‘sensible discussion’ than utterances between bouts of crying or yelling.

5. Children see. Children do. Do you really want hissy fits to be part of their problem solving repertoire?

6. Hissy fits create vicious circles in that they can cause elevated blood pressure, anxiety and depression, which in turn will lead to more hissy fits.

7. A once-in-a-blue-moon hissy fit (if saved for the right occasion!) will instantly solve problems because everyone is so shocked over such out-of-character behavior.

8. There are two sides to every argument – hissy fits make it difficult to listen to what he has to say.

9. Hissy fits will foster his resentment of forced solutions whereas sensible discussion will make him more inclined to ‘own’ the solution (and stick to it).

10. Hissy fits are another form of bullying – they result in ‘power over’ rather than ‘co-power’ – do you want a man or a Labrador?


Posted by: DJ

People are more than free to have a hissy fit, cry, bitch, complain, nag, moan, guilt trip, manipulate, control and yell. Free world.

Just don't expect anyone to listen, take you seriously or pay you any attention at all. Or even attach any credibility to what you say.

Holly - LOVE!

Posted by: Fekadu

Really funny and very enjoyable reading. I've never had a horn dream that I can recall. I hope if I do, it will be a cute are yours! Thanks for being gutsy enough to post this. This is quite refreshing!

Holly - thanks!

Posted by: Gustavo

I must point out my love for your kind-heartedness and
personal commitment to empowering individuals who are confused about sex.

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