10 Things to Expect at a BDSM/Fetish Party

Posted: Sun Aug 05 08:46

1. Door Bitch - usually drop dead gorgeous with a creamy, heaving bosom oozing out of an impossibly-tight corset (not that I've been perving, or anything...)

2. Fetish Clothing - be it leather, lace, PVC, latex or even just plain black denim, chances are you won't get past the lady on top unless you're inappropriately dressed.

3. BYO Alcohol - although this varies on liquor licensing / sex-on-premises laws, some of the best venues let you BYO and check it at the bar with a ticket system letting you access your own drinks.

4. BYO toys, floggers and ropes - use condoms on vibrators and anal plugs and NEVER 'cross pollinate' between holes and owners.

4. St Andrew’s Cross - there is usually someone tied to one of these who enjoys a good flogging, complete with awed spectators and Dom (just don't clap!)

5. Bowls of condoms and lube - the lube is always the first to go and bring your own if you have a sensitive skin or like the premium varieties.

6. Rope master tying up someone - they're often in a corner trussing up a beautiful newbie or seasoned performer and the still-tied, blissed-out 'victims' wander the party in a state of near-nirvana.

7. Sex Rooms - the etiquette is if the door is open, you can come in (but never touch unless invited).
Larger venues have a wet room (skat, blood & piss), several rooms with crosses, and 'vanilla' sex areas. NEVER do it in the loos…

8. Uninhibited, friendly conversation in dedicated chill out areas by people who were often forced out of their shell by their kink. They will never ask 'so, what do you do?' because half of them are using different names and are CEOs of major companies.

9. Polite offers of sex for sport (refer 3 Types of Rec Sex below) with no offense taken for refusals. If you don't like a whole heap of guys with their dicks in their hands watching you - shut the door (or go home).

10. Difficulty returning back to 'the other side' - many in the fetish / sex community find it difficult to attend vanilla events, because they seem inhibited, introverted and shallow in comparison.

These tips relate mainly to fetish and/or BDSM parties - my next blog will feature 10 Things To Expect at a Swinger's Party - keep posted by subscribing to my RSS feed at http://www.hollyhill.net.au/rss.xml

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