10 Things to Expect at a Swingers' Party

Posted: Wed Aug 15 15:50

1. Overnight bags filled with adult toys; extra outfits including Slut, Sluttier and Next Day; enough skincare and cosmetics to get through slut, sluttier and next day; Viagra and a mobile phone to record new friends’ contact details.

2. Girl On Girl Action – let’s face it, many blokes love to watch women gettin’ it on and whether she’s bi or even just bi-curious, swinger’s parties are a safe and welcoming place to explore the inner (and outer!) grrl.

3. Empty condoms – although condoms are a non-negotiable necessity and used ones are scattered throughout the venue, most of them are empty. The real stuff is often saved for bare-backing the spouse at the end of the night (refer also #10).

4. Brazilians with racing stripes and fake tans – most of the blokes are clipped and all of the girls are waxed, shaved or lasered to baby-bottom smoothness (it’s probably a result of #2 – no-one wants to get beard rash eating pussy…)

5. Single girls are welcome, most single blokes aren’t. Once again, #2 dictates a lot of what goes on and there’s nothing creepier than a lone guy holding his dick that no-one wants to play with. Notable exceptions are Brad Pitt look-alikes or zillionaires hung like a horse.

6. Most negotiations, partner swaps, approaches, etc. are done by the women – females are often fussier about play partners and/or other couples than blokes are and the guys don't mind being horse-traded, but the girls do…

7. Squirting (don't worry, it doesn't stain the carpet).

8. Moolah & minds - it takes big bucks to look that good and intelligence to think so far outside the square – many swingers are clever, highly successful types and extremely reluctant to talk about their day jobs.

9. After parties - sometimes the best action is after the action – if you get invited back to someone’s place, now is NOT the time to get a headache…

10. It is highly likely (unless divorce is imminent) that you will experience the best sex EVER with your significant other when you get home (you might have even fallen in love all over again).

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Posted by: Seher

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all! B E A U T I F U L !!!!!

Holly - thanks!

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