2 Easy Steps to Getting Laid

Posted: Thu Mar 08 08:37

Known as the 'cuddle hormone', Oxytocin is produced during intimacy, repeat sexual encounters and childbirth. It helps women 'put up with more shit' raising families and creates a beer goggle effect when the significant other develops a six pack habit that is all the pub and nothing about the stomach.

When sex therapists recommend date nights and candles to revitalize flagging relationships and drooping libidos, they are about as useful as the proverbial breasts on a bull - that's because she already has oxytocin and it's probably making her cross eyed as she keeps one eye on the kids and the other on your wandering hands.

However, when a gal without kids suddenly gets it, she will do just about anything for more. That means massages, picnics, cuddling, snuggling and all those other 'girly' things aren't only going to gain her trust, they're going to get you laid.

Both estrogen and testosterone levels peak at mid cycle (ovulation) They can help boost libido and heighten the senses.

Many women also experience increased lust and desire, and although they are less likely (on the whole) to act indiscriminately, they will be more inclined to couple with someone they consider to be a 'good catch’.

Generally, a woman ovulates between 12-14 days between menstruation - try and work together towards building your sex nights around her ovulation and keep the cinema or massages for when she suffers PMT.

Above all, use her biology to work for you rather than against you - it's win, win - she's getting what she wants when she wants it, and so too are you....

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