30 Aspects of Love

Posted: Fri Dec 30 17:52

1.    Love is feeling enchanted
2.    Love is making their day easier
3.    Love is waiting longer than 20 minutes
4.    Love is doing the jobs you know they hate (and you're okay with)
5.    Love is meeting their wants in spite of your own
6.    Love is daydreams
7.    Love is giggling together about stupid things
8.    Love is nurturing the best in each other and coming to terms with the worst
9.    Love is loyalty and fidelity
10.    Love is gratitude
11.    Love is understanding differences and finding compromises
12.    Love is looking at their face instead of the gift
13.    Love is constant communication
14.    Love is being as generous as you can possibly be
15.    Love is thinking twice about hissy fits
16.    Love is spooning and intertwined dreaming
17.    Love is sacrificing yourself for them (if need be) and hoping they'll never have to do it in return
18.    Love is riding your partner more than you ride an exercise bike
19.    Love is placing soft cushions along the hard bumps of their life
20.    Love is being as fit as you can be for each other
21.    Love is fond reminiscing (and old friends have heard it so many times before)
22.    Love is being happy if they're happy and empathic if they're sad
23.    Love is being proud of them
24.    Love is a team effort that isn't always equal
25.    Love is generous sex
26.    Love is many (or one)
27.    Love is being brave (or frightened!) together
28.    Love is despite yourself
29.    Love is all the things you thought you’d never do and never say
30.    Love is a couch with a view, a good bottle of red and their wrinkled-up old hand in mine.

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