3 Facts About Older Lovers

Posted: Fri Jul 01 11:25

One of the good things about regarding sex as a healthy pleasure rather than a celestial celebration of love is having powerful interactions with all sorts of people.

As well as different races and cultures, some of the most rewarding lovers are those from different generations.

A 21-year-old who sleeps with someone in their 40’s (and doesn’t want to marry them) can only benefit from the experience.  Beginners who only hang with beginners will always remain beginners; but a beginner who plays with advanced people will become a sought-after partner in their own generation.

Whilst age might not weary us, it sure does take away some of the oomp. A younger person in the mix can not only contribute enthusiasm, they can lend a fresh set of eyes and take away some of the ‘for granteds’ many older people develop.

Just like sexism, elitism and discrimination, only mixing with one’s age group is a recipe for narrow-mindedness and ignorance. Inter-generational sex is a strong move toward becoming a better person and that’s always got to be a good thing.

Above all, keep it casual and remember to use protection. An accomplished older lover is all well and good, but a pregnant teen with syphilis is a tragedy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, always leave people better off than you found them – that way, they’ll remember you forever with a smile and not a sigh.



Posted by: Federico

I love your last sentence... I agree with all the rest you wrote but your last sentence really hit me :)

Holly - The best thing about life is the growing part :)

Posted by: katerinan81@yahoo.com.au

You are doing this just because there is nothing else you can grab attention with, but just by controversy of your theory. What are you teaching children out there . Did you think about stds out there? Did you think about that? You should be banned from media

Holly - The statistics show it is the disempowered and the uneducated that experience the most STDs and unwanted pregnancies. If anything, there should be a lot more information going to a lot more people - including children.

Posted by: Kelsey

I'm a retired clinical psychologist and now conflict expert...I enjoy very much getting involved in other people's conflicts and give tools and ideas to solve them.
Conflicts are great to foster our self-growth! so, if you
haven't thought about it before, I'm inviting you to go out and get yourself a good enemy.
Then, you can get to know yourself, what are your goals in life, your values and how to manage real anger in a productive way.
What else can you wish for? Appreciate your enemy
today, for teaching you so many things.... And, if you manage to solve the dispute and reconcile, its time to find another enemy!

Holly - mmm, er... thanks

Posted by: Lilliana

That older people aren't interested in sex is a common misconception which will be resolved only with firsthand experience.
The objective is to arrange your passions as carefully as possible with your health and time left. Thankyou for understanding older people's issues - most young folk think we are all past it.

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