5 Reasons Why Slut-Callers Are Desperate

Posted: Tue Mar 20 11:56

Show me a woman who constantly derides other women for having fat arses or being sluts and I’ll show you a sista that is insecure, jealous and competitive. Not only is she looking at the butts, tits or hair of other women, she is also comparing them to other butts, tits and hair in order to 'judge' them.
Straight men look at women, why do straight women look at women, too? Whatever the case, it doesn't bode well for her own self image.

Fighting words? Hell yes, but interestingly enough, descriptives such as ‘slut’, ‘bitch’ and ‘fat’ are merely coping mechanisms women inherited from our ancient ancestors. Neanderthal women were denied the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism because they had children around them, so we used passive aggression instead. It was much safer to ostracise, stigmatise, or exclude other women than it was to run away or throw punches.

By casting doubt on the fidelity of rivals and the paternity of offspring, ancient women also believed they increased their own chances of winning a superior long-term mate. They thought a male wouldn’t value a slut as much as a woman who keeps a bloke’s genes safe. Calling someone a slut is just a desparate way of saying 'look at me instead of her'.

Another Neanderthal defence mechanism in the female repertoire (and for the same reasons as above) includes rumour spreading. It starts at an early age, too - gossip, exclusion, and dirty looks by other females are the three most common bullying complaints reported by teenage girls.

Women also compete through physical appearance. Women whose faces are considered attractive actually have longer life spans. Beauty has always been perceived as an indicator of good health – there’s not a person alive who doesn’t choose the best-looking tomato.

Longevity and a good body shape are also desirable. Females that have these things can pick and choose their mates and create maximum benefits for their offspring.

Women who are constantly putting down the appearance, weight or clothes of other women are, in effect, advertising their own flaws. They are demonstrating low self esteem, poor coping mechanisms, self doubt and insecurity. They might as well be saying to the world, 'how sad am I?'.

Women will never achieve gender parity until we stop criticizing ourselves, our friends and even the lady with the cheap shoes and bad hair who lives down the road.


Posted by: Paula

I think in other contries they are used to Foreigners, but in America for some reosan foreigners are usually considered jokes (especially guys), not always but usually their portrayed on T.V in a comedy style I'm not sure where your from but say for example a middle-eastern guy in America if you watch T.V our image is that of Borat or a greasy hairy guy with gold chains and lots and lots of cologne etc Asian's are always smiling and running liquor stores etc Even for women say a Russian woman would be considered a mail-order bride.I know it sucks but it's true!!!! America is filled with stereo types.So if your going to get a date your going to have to find someone who has a specific attraction for foreigners especially if you have an accent.

Posted by: Serhat

The problem is >> AMERICAN WOMEN.It's not you.Read the pacbreapk The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening decline of the American Female. by Nancy Levant.That will answer your question perfectly.American women have such an off-the-chart sense of entitlement it's simply unbelievable. I live in Calfornia, and while they seem to grow the most beautiful women here . they are universally the most unattractive . on a GLOBAL scale.I am also non-American and I refuse to date American women. Stick to European, Eastern European, Brazilian, and Asian women. They are much more worth your time.

Holly - I suspect it American conservatives you are talking about ;)

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