Do you have Veranda Potential?

Posted: Mon Feb 06 11:47

In Australia, we often refer to balconies, patios and decks as a ‘veranda’. The best ones are wrapped around the entire home, have a variety of seats, hammocks and lounges (depending on where the breeze is coming from) and look out over a magnificent view.

My closest friends and I (a group that now includes people met through high school, university, work and social circles, as well as friends of these friends that have become friends) consider a person who has ‘veranda potential’ as the very best friends of all.

(Not that we exclude anyone, of course – I mean, the ability to hide a body, extract one from dangerous situations and bail out oneself and ones’ children at three am in the morning not-withstanding; we’re a pretty affable bunch.)

Those considered to have this most sought-after attribute are welcome to spend their old age with us. None of us much wanting to squander our geriatric years in a pokey little flat with a single significant other; we would prefer to share a big house; hire lots of staff (that don't mind an occasional pinch on the bum); maintain a fridge full of booze and soft-eating delicacies; and foster an open minded attitude about... well... everything, really.

So next time you look at your bestie, ask yourself, would you like them sitting beside you when you’re sitting on a veranda sipping a pina colada in your twilight years? Because in our network, time is too short to tend a friend with an end.

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