How to Have A Good Weekend - Velvet Pouch Interview

Posted: Fri Mar 29 11:12

I appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend magazine on the 29th March 2013 to kick off a media tour for the publication of my third and final memoir, The Velvet

Published by HarperCollins Australia, the book heralds the start of a new journey for me, unencumbered by the need to live good prose.

It will be interesting to discover if raw adventure is still so willing to lay in wait for me!

A general in-depth interview can take upwards of three hours and my conversation with Jane Cadzow was no exception - she was the first journalist to ever quiz me about my murdered father and given he was a cheating womanizer, this amazes me, although astute readers of the Velvet Pouch may stumble over the occasional Freudian slip...

The photo shoot, on the other hand, took a week's worth of outfit combining. With the exception of the latex outfit (and second hand rubber isn't at all appealing) and the sunnies (Seechange Eyewear, Port Macquarie) nearly everything was purchased from thrift stores. 

I've often stated being freed from a cage makes one want to stretch and clothing is no exception. Stepping out of normal costume constraints is a step into another world, changing the people you meet and the places you go.

Consider stepping over some of your own boundaries over the next few days. Every edge is a new adventure and it might just make your Good Weekend a great weekend.

The Velvet Pouch

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Holly Hill returns with a daring and controversial story about what really happened when she allowed her boyfriend to cheat in a 'negotiated infidelity' arrangement.

In the
Velvet Pouch, Holly and her new boyfriend draw up a contract and framework for sleeping with other people, including a 'tell all' clause after each and every encounter. Their spare room is used for sex with other 'play' partners, and both eventually stumble upon Sydney's underground sex world.

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