SWOT your lover without violence

Posted: Mon Oct 07 17:50

Have you SWOT you lover recently? (No violence intended).
These days, 70%* of marriages experience an affair. Would you bet your life savings, house and future income on a horse with a 30% chance of winning? 
Many business people already have the skills to insure the most precious things in their lives (and it doesn't cost a cent). 
It's called a SWOT analysis and it means identifying your relationship's STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS. (It might only take an hour and it could save everything you have).
Sit down together and draw a big cross on a large piece of paper (or the kids' chalk board). Label each quadrant as follows:
STRENGTHS - what are your relationship's advantages? eg. young, resilient, in love, good friends, communicate well, honest
WEAKNESSES - what could hold your relationship back? eg. low income,  poor coping skills, argumentative, not good at talking
OPPORTUNITIES - what new stuff could make you even better? eg. utilise a supportive family, new baby, romantic holiday, better jobs
THREATS - what things could destroy you? eg. unequal libidos, alcohol or drug abuse, no time, unsated desires, the slutty secretary at work
Then work together to fill in the quadrants without chucking hissy fits. From then on it is easy - build on your strengths and opportunities and try and eliminate your weaknesses and threats. (If you can't do that, at least be aware of them.) 
To trust in who you are, you've got to KNOW who you are.

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