The Love Test with a Warning

Posted: Mon Apr 08 10:52

THIS COULD CAUSE CONFLICT BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR PARTNER. If you don't believe your relationship could withstand this test, DON'T do it. The consumption of alcohol or depressive drugs before this test is not recommended (and lock the gun cabinet).

The question shouldn't be 'Do You Love Me?' it should be 'how much are you prepared to give up for me?' 


Complete this test separately from your partner then compare differences (and especially the No answers)


Put a simple Y (yes), N (no) or D (depends/not applicable) after each question. Each question is worth the same points as the question number, e.g. Question 1 is worth 1 point and Question 58 is worth 58 points. Score zero for every DEPENDS, NO  or NOT APPLICABLE. If there is a large difference between the scores of you and your partner, you have some talking to do!

WOULD YOU (yes, no, depends or not applicable)…

  1. 1. Put on aftershave, makeup or perfume for them?
  2. 2. Put on a fresh outfit for them?
  3. 3. Get a manicure, pedicure, wax, haircut, etc. for them?
  4. 4. Invest in a push-up bra, boxer shorts or revealing underwear for them?
  5. 5. Put up with their poor dress sense?
  6. 6. Accept (minor) help from them?
  7. 7. Change your own routines for them?
  8. 8. Change your 'look' for them? (eg. Preppy to Gothic)
  9. 9. Let them wear your clothes?
  10. 10. Maintain your health or fitness for them? (eg. they like hiking)
  11. 11. Maintain your body to their tastes? (eg. thin, curvy, etc)
  12. 12. Put up with being embarrassed in public by them?
  13. 13. Have unprotected sex with them?
  14. 14. Give them some of your money?
  15. 15. Accept major help from them?
  16. 16. Take crap from their children?
  17. 17. Hold their hair while they vomit?
  18. 18. Give up your career for them?
  19. 19. Put up with great changes in their weight (up or down)?
  20. 20. Give up some of your friends for them?
  21. 21. Give up your best friend for them?
  22. 22. Fulfil their fantasies, regardless of your own views?
  23. 23. Stay with them if you learnt they’re married / with someone else?
  24. 24. Give up your family for them? (eg. your children hate them)
  25. 25. Put up with them if they remained a poor lover?
  26. 26. Move to their town?
  27. 27. Move to their country?
  28. 28. Let them deliberately insult you in private?
  29. 29. Let them deliberately insult you in public?
  30. 30. Change religion for them?
  31. 31. Participate in their fetish, regardless of your own?
  32. 32. Support them during their long-term unemployment?
  33. 33. Entrust them with all of your money?
  34. 34. Forgive a single unegiotiated infidelity?
  35. 35. Forgive multiple unnegiotiated infidelities?
  36. 36. Put up with aggression during an argument with them?
  37. 37. Stay with them if they have a contagious disease, such as HIV or Hep B?
  38. 38. Stay with them if they had to file for bankruptcy?
  39. 39. Care for their elderly parents?
  40. 40. Stay with and care for them if they become somehow incapacitated? (eg. quadriplegic, psychotic, non-functional sex organs, infertility, mentally disabled, etc)
  41. 41. Give them all of your money?
  42. 42. Stay with them knowing they committed a terrible crime?
  43. 43. Have tattoos for them?
  44. 44. Get their name tattooed on you?
  45. 45. Have non-invasive cosmetic surgery for them (eg. wrinkle fillers)?
  46. 46. Have a breast enhancement / penis enlargement for them?
  47. 47. Have vaginal / anal reconstruction surgery for them?
  48. 48. Participate in a victimless crime with/for them?
  49. 49. Participate in a violent crime with/ for them?
  50. 50. Bail them out?
  51. 51. Bail their children out?
  52. 52. Stick around if they go to jail?
  53. 53. Provide a fake alibi for them?
  54. 54. Donate them one of your organs, blood, etc?
  55. 55. Give them your life?
  56. 56. Give them your children's life?
  57. 57. Conduct an altruistic murder with/for them (genuine justification)?
  58. 58. Conduct an anarchistic murder with/for them (an innocent)?
  59. 59. Stay with them if they physically hurt you once (against your will)
  60. 60. Stay with them if they physically hurt you multiple times (against your will)

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