Why Men Would Hate to Be Women

Posted: Thu Dec 08 12:04

I read an interesting study the other day – men were asked why they didn’t want to be women and their answers were almost unanimous – they didn't want to be ‘vulnerable’. Although they considered this vulnerability stemmed mainly from cheating, it also incorporated issues such as women’s diseases, sexual discrimination, poverty and education. 
Yet just because we are ANY of these things, it doesn't mean we can't be strong. In fact, the strongest women are often those people who have suffered the most. Don't let yourself be perceived as weak when it can be an opportunity to show how invincible you are!

My facebook pages once became a focal point for woman who suffered endometriosis. Unfortunately, the bleating and slut calling of the wounded few drowned out the comments and wisdom of the enlightened many. Ostracising, slut-calling, dirty looks, surveillance, bullying and in-fighting are passive aggressive coping mechanisms. They were developed by neanderthal females who couldn't fight or flight because of the children and are no longer relevant today. Imagine a woman who comments, 'what a slut!' and another who says, 'she's not very good at her job'. Who would be taken more seriously?

Some of the very best traits women have – such as lusty, feisty, slutty and mischievous – have become demonized debaucheries rather than treasured tools. If he repeatedly leaves the toliet seat up, why not offer him a headjob for every week he leaves it down? There is nothing shameful about female sexuality - why not use every feminine wile instead of just those sanctioned by (jealous) men?

If women stopped commenting on the size of each others' butts and started celebrating ourselevs and each other, we would have achieved gender parity a long time ago.


Posted by: thekrrib

I relaised today that true feminine wiles are actually to be feminine, forget the sleazy stuff and concentrate on the wonderful things that make us each Woman, perhaps our best qualities. That is what real men love. Keep up the inspiring stuff Holly! =)

Holly - thanks so much - I think we have been told too long that the best things about women are sleazy, which is so sad :(

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