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In the Velvet Pouch, Holly and her new boyfriend, Dino draw up a framework for sleeping with other people, including a 'tell all' clause after each and every encounter. Their spare room is used for sex with other 'play' partners, and both eventually stumble upon a secret underground sex world, frequented by celebrities, high profilers and elite business people. Dino loves seeing Holly desired by other men and she feels the same way watching him lusted after by other women.  Holly also explores same-sex relationships and reveals exactly what it's like to explore the body of one's own sex for the very first time!

Erotica like you've never experienced before!

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holly hill author sugarbabeholly hill author sugarbabe

"Sugar Daddy sought by attractive, educated, well-spoken, 35-year old woman...I am a fabulous cook...qualified psychologist...excellent listener...and a beautiful and charming companion in just about any situation....I will require a generous weekly allowance for all of the above".

The erotic adventure that pre-empted the 50 Shades series, SUGARBABE was featured on Dr Phil and Larry King. SUGARBABE is the real-life account of the emails, meetings and interactions with hundreds of men who applied to become Holly's sugar daddy. SUGARBABE gives all of us who might have wondered what it would be like to involved in a situation like this the opportunity to be the ultimate voyeur.

Holly's acute (and often hilariously funny!) observations give us a view of the almost-secret world of men who love their wives but need more, and the women who provide what's lacking. It is breathtakingly honest, difficult to put down and has some of the most realistic sex scenes outside of a Kinsey Report.

International hardcopy published by Random House Australia, American publishing held by Skyhorse Publishing, Film Rights available. SUGARBABE is available WORLD WIDE at Amazon.com



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  • "A good read - interesting and thought provoking" Dr Phil (Season 9)
  • "Chatty and cheeky... Sugarbabe is Pride and Prejudice for the dotcom generation" Sun Herald
  • "A bit of sass and a lot of heart" Marie Claire
  • "...what she discovers about men and love is thought provoking, to say the least." Famous Magazine
  • "Enlightening view into the male psyche... what you always wanted to know about what men really think" Femail.com
  • "Folks just can't get enought of Holly Hill" Feministing.com
  • "......funny, enlightening, challenging and thought-provoking." Girl.com.au

holly hill author toyboyholly hill author toyboy

"Toyboy sought by attractive, educated, 40-year-old woman who wants to explore the other side of an equation..."

Erotic adventure at its very best! When Holly Hill retired as a Sugarbabe, she decided to turn the tables and hire a toyboy who would be cook, confidante and lover just like she was for her daddies. She made a surprising discovery - not only did she have fewer applications from men who wanted to be paid for sex, but the younger men were far more complicated than their older counterparts. Just as her cause seemed hopeless, a chance encounter led Holly down a dark, lusty road few dare to travel. Her social conditioning was beaten. In a dungeon. Literally.

Once again her real-life experiences challenge everything she once believed about relationships (and men in particular) and that female self empowerment is about having lots of choices. Brimming with Hollyisms and the sage advice of gay men, TOYBOY is an entertaining yet disturbing read about all those things people are usually too frightened to say. The sex scenes will make readers want to cross their legs and there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. TOYBOY is a rollicking journey into edge-of-your-seat erotica.

(International hardcopy published by Random House Australia  - back copies available Amazon.com)

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