"Sugar Daddy sought by attractive, educated, well-spoken, 35-year old woman...I am a fabulous cook...qualified psychologist...excellent listener...and a beautiful and charming companion in just about any situation....I will require a generous weekly allowance for all of the above".

The erotic adventure that pre-empted the 50 Shades series, SUGARBABE was featured on Dr Phil and Larry King. SUGARBABE is the real-life account of the emails, meetings and interactions with hundreds of men who applied to become Holly's sugar daddy. SUGARBABE gives all of us who might have wondered what it would be like to involved in a situation like this the opportunity to be the ultimate voyeur.

Holly's acute (and often hilariously funny!) observations give us a view of the almost-secret world of men who love their wives but need more, and the women who provide what's lacking. It is breathtakingly honest, difficult to put down and has some of the most realistic sex scenes outside of a Kinsey Report.

International hardcopy published by Random House Australia, American publishing held by Skyhorse Publishing, Film Rights available. SUGARBABE is available WORLD WIDE at Amazon.com